The control panel

Write the words into the spaces.

adding                                    background                                customising default                               digital                                displayed             format image                     performance                       properties                                                       screen saver                    setting up                               tasks                                               wallpaper                                    wireless

The control panel provides options for 1 customising the appearance of your computer screen, 2____________ or removing programs and 3____________ network connections. When you get a new computer, perhaps the first thing you will want to do is set the date and time. You can also choose the 4____________ for dates and times. For example, November 4th 2007 can be 5____________ as 04-11-2007, 2007-11-04 or in various

other formats. You may wish to change the desktop 6____________ to a picture, for example a personal photo taken on a 7____________ camera. A picture on the desktop background is also known as 8____________.

If a computer screen shows the same 9____________ for a very long time, it can leave a permanent impression. To avoid this, you can choose a 10____________. This is usually a simple moving pattern which activates if the computer is not used for a set amount of time (for example, five minutes).

You can also use the control panel to set up or change internet and other network connections, including 11____________ network connections.

In fact, you can change most aspects of your computer's 12____________ through the control panel, such as the system 13____________, modem settings, scheduled 14____________ , although most users prefer to leave on the 15____________ settings rather than changing them.






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