A. Choose the best word.

1. A basic spreadsheet is a __________ of spaces for data.

a. grid b. cage c. ladder

2. A spreadsheet consists of columns and __________.

a. lengths b. lines c. rows

3. A spreadsheet grid is called a worksheet. A file containing one or more worksheets is called a __________. a. workout b. work c. workbook

4. In the worksheet above, the __________ cell is in column B, row 3.

a. important b. active c. focus

5. Use the mouse pointer to select a single cell or _________ of cells.

a. bunch b. group c. block

6. It's easy to adjust the column __________. a. size b. width c. space

7. Spreadsheets can perform mathematical __________.

a. calculations b. deductions c. jobs

8. To get a worksheet to perform a mathematical calculation, you have to enter a ___________. a format b. form c. formula

9. A number in a spreadsheet cell is often called a __________.

a. digit b. numeral c. value

10. To remove the contents of a cell is to __________ that cell.

a. clean b. wash c. clear

11. To remove a complete row is to __________ that row.

a. wipe b. delete c. erase

12. Changing the fonts, colours etc. of a spreadsheet is called __________.                    a. formatting b. forming c. reforming

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