Image editing

1. crop                                    a. turn an image

2. sharpen                              b. reverse an image

3. soften                                 c. improve the appearance of an image

4. zoom in                              d. remove part of an image

5. zoom out                            e. copy part of an image to another point in that image

6. flip                                       f. view part of the image in more detail

7. rotate                                  g. view more of the image in less detail

8. touch up                             h. convert a vector image to a bitmap image

9. clone                                   i. make the image less blurred

10. rasterize                            j. make the image more blurred

B. True or false?

1. Greyscale images take up more disk space than colour images.

2. It's often preferable to scan line drawings as black and white images rather than greyscale images. This takes up less disk space, and produces sharper lines. This type of image is also known as lineart.

3. On most computers, you can view photos as a slideshow – each photo is shown for a few seconds.

4. You can also view photos as fingernails – small versions of the photos, with lots shown on the screen at the same time.


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